D e c l

a nickname that is greater than a hundred photos...


Jan 21, 2009

Yesterday was my first shoutcast of year 2009 - the qualifier of NC iCTF ZP between Austria and Hungary. The recording is available in the AoD section on this website.

Sep 27, 2008

I can finally welcome you to my new... or should I say - to the website of Decl. Yes, the first ever, real website of myself. Unfortunately, this website will only include stuff about my public profile and nothing from Decl in the real life.

As you might already know, I'm an online gaming commentator. So logically, on this site you'll be able to listen to some of my recordings and maybe even download them. I'll try to set up a schedule for my shoutcasts and perhaps space for commenting.

Many of you also know me as a ClanBase admin, in particular - UT iCTF Coverage supervisor and Chief of Translations. For those interested, I'll be publishing some stuff connected to these tasks as well.

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