D e c l

a nickname that is greater than a hundred photos...

Frequent questions

Q: Who are you ?
A: What do you mean ? :p All I can tell you about myself in real life is that...

Q: What does Decl mean ?
A: If you were reading the 'about' page, you saw that the clan I founded didn't have an original name at all. Same for my own nickname. Decl (in cyrillic) is a pseudonym of a russian rapper and a hip hop artist Kirill Tolmatskiy. I'm not his fan and generally I hate rap. There's only one song I pretty much liked but nothing special.

There's no clear reason for picking this name. All I remember that back in 1998 I saw a magazine on my table where on the frontpage there was pic of a new rapper in Russia. I liked the name and he had pretty funny hairstyle (still has :p).

Also, Decl should be actually pronounced as [detsl] (ДеЦл) but as in English it sounds pretty weird, I started using [dekle]. :)

Q: Who created this website?
A: Hmm.. To be quite honest - this is a downloaded template. I do have experience of writing code for websites and developing ready sites, but still not enough skills to draw a design. Previously, I and my finnish mate pottu (aka heka) have created several sites together, this time I used the easier way - downloaded something complete. Although well... I completely changed some parts and re-wrote the page into php. It was n00bish HTML at first..

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