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ClanBase tasks

Coverage supervisor

Coverage supervisor is in charge of all coverage on a ClanBase cup. I have to find and guide the writers that work on match previews, predictions, do interviews and statistics. If the writer doesn't make proper html layout himself/herself, then it's the job of the cov sup. Coverage supervisor also takes care of cuplogo, CBooky, cup menublocks, UTV and shoutcast coverage.

I have supervised the following cups on ClanBase:

  • OpenCup UT iCTF Spring 2007
  • EuroCup UT iCTF Fall 2007
  • OpenCup UT iCTF Fall 2007
  • NationsCup UT iCTF ZP Winter 2007
  • EuroCup UT iCTF Spring 2008
  • OpenCup UT iCTF Spring 2008
  • Hosted UT iCTF SummerCup 2008
  • OpenCup UT iCTF ZP Fall 2008
  • NationsCup UT iCTF ZP Winter 2008
I've stopped supervising cups for now due to lack of motivation. Good luck to the fresh blood at this task!

Chief of Translations

Chief of Translations is the person who is in charge of the ClanBase Translation Crew - and therefore of all translations on the ClanBase site. CoT has to make sure all translations are up-to-date, give new tasks to the translators and submit ready translations. Recruiting and guiding the new translators is also the job of the CoT.

Chief of Media

As a Co-Chief of Media on ClanBase, I am in head of ClanBase Radio. My responsbilities include website developement, dealing with server and bot issues, also guiding new crew and other everyday work.

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