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Unreal Tournament

Known facts:

In the meanwhile, I've been in other clans. Some more notable of them: |ReD|, [av], fs://. For longer period I've been playing with clan 'EST', Team Estonia. The clan consists exclusively of Estonians and we also play in the CB NationsCup with the same clan lineup. We haven't achieved anything in cups so far. :P

In 2009 I founded a clan with my friend Banez called fout - Finest of UT. Originally, word "Finest" comes from FIN-EST, since Banez is a Finn and I'm an Estonian. We've achieved 3rd place in div2 of UT iTDM ZP Fall 2009 and 4th place in UT iTDM ZP Spring 2010. :P

Generally I spend countless hours playing that game, although I'm rather n00b at it. On a daily basis I play in several IRC pickups: #Project-f.r.a.g (iTDM 2v2v2v2), #Project.iDOM (iDOM ZP), #zp.2on2 (2v2 iCTF), #snowteam (2v2 iCTF).

In May 2010 Banez made me buy Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - so now I also play that when I've got nothing better to do.

Currently I'm leading fout, team estonia and am a captain of Team Estonia for the NationsCup iCTF.

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