D e c l

a nickname that is greater than a hundred photos...

Web Design

I think I made my first website somewhere in the end of 1990's. There have been many, many websites I've worked on. Since about 2005 I've been working together with another UT player - pottu (peruna, heka) - who's a good coder and is also pro at PhotoShop. Generally I suggest an idea for design and pottu makes it reality.

I'm well familiar with HTML/XHTML standards, by now got used to coding in XHTML 1.0 Strict doctype and trying to make sure all my work passes code validation at w3.org. We build websites using PHP <3.

Some of the latest works...

TGS iCTF Cup // 2006   TammY iCTF Servers // 2008   ClanBase Radio // 2009

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