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About me

Over the years I've become an Internet personality known to many as a totally mysterious person. That by the reason I don't reveal anything about myself in the real life. Although that's not true - I do say where am I from, where do I live and even mention some less important details. For example, half of QuakeNet knows that I have a white cat. :p

I've started using Internet to communicate with other people in about 1998. In 1999 I started using IRC and in 2001 I created my very own channel on IRCnet. By then, it was very prestigious to have a big IRC channel. IRCnet didn't have any Services on it, so all channel monitoring and protecting had to be done by using different programs, bots - or by just sticking online yourself for 24/7. I learned to use bots and that's where I've got the experience of using TCL based Eggdrops.

All that time not a single person heard from me anything about my real life and that was also the reason to quit IRCnet in the mid of 2003. I was simply annoyed by the people who kept asking me some personal details that they really didn't need to know. But there's a positive side. I didn't quit IRC at all because eventually I found Unreal Tournament in the end of 2002, players of which also - for my huge surprise - were using IRC. Though, on a different network.

I quickly found myself some friends over here, on QuakeNet, and created a clan. By then I obviously didn't have any good imagination and couldn't come up with any better clan name than simply Unreal Tournament Clan. Ridiculously original, isn't it? Doh. After a while I started loving the UTC tag and also wanted to change the clan name with using the same three letters... but nothing good came in my mind.

With creating a clan I also got familiar with ClanBase. By then it was already a well established online gaming league launched by the dutchies in 1998. ClanBase was organising several prestigious tournaments, including the EuroCup. EuroCup games in UT had an awesome coverage, which included writing long match reports, having previews for every important match, live UTV broadcast and, the most important for myself, shoutcast coverage!

I fell in love with shoutcasting only 3 years ago when in the end of 2005 I co-founded TGS. I loved the idea of commentating on online matches and enjoyed listening to the shoutcasters. It was often reminding me a very interesting football match where the commentator was so much excited that there was no chance for the viewers to fall asleep. Those of you who have been in the UT scene in about 2003-2005 know that the most loved shoutcasters by then were GM, CoNz, Ginga_Ninja and ReDeYe. Only one of them - ReDeYe - still continues doing what he did, today though, on a professional level with his company QuadV.

Next to being a shoutcaster, I also found my way into the ClanBase Crew by first becoming UT iCTF Coverage Supervisor in 2007, and then picking up the task of Chief of Translations. Currently I'm on both of these tasks but also trying to help in developing ClanBase Media, the CB Radio part. TGS project wasn't as successful as I could hope so now I believe in CB Radio and that's the place I'm working at as a shoutcaster.

That's been a long story and I would have plenty more to say but it would become very boring for the readers. And actually, everyone of you has got similar, long and colourful history behind. So just browse around the website and perhaps you'll see something else interesting.

Thanks for visiting!

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